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Bonita Detailing Auto Tips: How to Use a Car Wash Safely


We’re all about saving time and money as both are in short supply. That’s why today’s Bonita detailing auto tip is about using an automatic car wash. They are the most popular method of detailing autos around, and getting more popular by the day.


Most of us like to take pride in our appearance and our property. Most of our yards are tidy and our houses neat. Our cars are the same, with a few exceptions, most of us like to keep our cars clean and tidy so they represent us well when we’re out and about. With that in mind, we are publishing some Bonita auto detailing do’s and don’ts.

These aren’t rules, we’re not telling you what to do, we are merely giving you the benefit of our many years’ experience. We have been in the auto detailing business for a number of years and have learned some valuable lessons along the way. Here are some of those lessons.


Most of us understand a car wash to be the process of removing road dirt and grime from your car. However, there is also another type of car wash, one with far more serious consequences. It’s a car wash Bonita residents should be aware of because it’s becoming more and more popular.

Usually, when a car is totaled, it’s usually labeled by the DMV as such. They use words like “Totaled,” “Flood,” or “Salvage” to describe the relative state of the vehicle at the time.


We have been running a Bonita car cleaning venture for quite a while now. It hasn’t been easy, it has been a time full of anger, frustration, embarrassment, pride and happiness. There have been ups and downs, just like running any business, but mostly it has been an exciting journey.

If you’re looking to set up your own car cleaning business, either hand washing or by investing in automatic washers, there are a few tricks you need to know. We have the Bonita area sewn up, but if you’re looking to start a business elsewhere, here are the ten secrets to running a successful car cleaning business.


Waterless products are becoming more popular as we become more aware of the effect we have on the world around us. While not new science, the idea of washing your car without gallons of nice clean water is. In an effort to help popularize this new way of keeping your car in good condition, we are going to describe how to achieve a waterless car wash Bonita-style.

For this to work, we need a waterless car wash solution. There are a few good ones on the market so get one of those. You will also need two or three microfiber towels. If you have alloy wheels, we also suggest buying some waterless wheel cleaner too.


Bonita Car Wash Waxing Tips

If you’re running late or don’t have time to use a professional Bonita car wash, it makes sense to give the car a quick clean at home. It will keep your ride looking good until you have the time for a professional to work their magic.

Washing a car is pretty straightforward. Don’t use dish washing detergent, don’t wash the car in direct sunlight and be careful around bird droppings. The rest is fairly straightforward. What does give some people pause though is waxing.


Naples Auto Detailing Tips: Cleaning Glass

There is nothing like a shiny car to make you feel smug inside. It’s a sign of personal pride and self-respect if you drive around in a clean and tidy car. It doesn’t’ have to be a new car, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be looked after. In an effort to keep local car owners on top of things, today’s Naples auto detailing tip is about cleaning the glass.

Cleaning the windshield and windows is the hardest part of washing a car to get right. Many detergents smear, the inside of the windows can be greasy and it’s difficult to get a sparkling clean window without effort or knowing exactly how to achieve it.


Bonita Carwash Tips: Cleaning Alloy Wheels

We have been in the Bonita carwash trade for years now and have picked up plenty of useful information we use every day to provide the ultimate in car washing and auto detailing.

We love it when we see a car leaving our lot all shiny and looking like new. It gives us an enormous feeling of satisfaction. It also looks good on the streets. To our mind, a clean car means pride in our possessions. Our cars aren’t expensive, they aren’t Ferrari or Lamborghini, they are ordinary cars done well. But we still take pride in keeping them clean and in good condition.


How to Organize a Charity Car Wash in Naples

Organizing a charity car wash in Naples is a great idea for anyone wanting to elevate their business in the eyes of the community, while raising money for a good cause. The running costs of the activity are low and the potential of raising some good money for a local charity is high. That’s why they are so popular as charitable activities.

Organizing a charity car wash in Naples is pretty simple, you just need a team of willing volunteers, a venue, a charity, some advertising and a bunch of dirty cars.


Finding a Quality Car Wash in Fort Myers, Florida

Finding a high quality car wash in Fort Myers, Florida is the same as finding one anywhere. It needs to be reasonably priced, convenient and offer an automatic or pressure wash that is worth the time and effort. While we would obviously prefer you to come to Super Suds to have a car wash, if we’re too far away from you, this information could prove useful.

The main enemy of any task is how much effort it takes and how convenient the solution is. Even something as simple as a car wash has these boundaries. If a car wash is too far away, is too difficult to use or always has a queue, you’re not going to use it, it’s as simple as that.


Manual is the Best Form of Car Wash in Fort Myers

The automatic car wash has come a long way since those early days. Gone are the harsh detergents, the brushes that left scratches and ineffective solutions that left your car smeary. However, despite those advances, it is our opinion that a manual car wash in Fort Myers is still far superior to an automatic one. Here’s why.

An automatic car wash can still scratch your paintwork, still damage radio antennas and still leave your car smeared and unclean.


Green Car Wash Fort Myers Style

We are becoming more and more aware of the effect we have on the world around us and are changing our habits to lessen that impact. We are many years’ behind the rest of the world, but are catching up fast. Water is one such commodity that we used to waste, now we are much more careful. So today, we’re going to discuss a green car wash, Fort Myers style.

Although, a caveat, it’s only Fort Myers style because that’s where we live and work, I’m not sure if there I such a thing, if there isn’t, there is now!


It’s possible to generate ideas from anywhere. I was in a car wash, Naples was the venue, and the idea was a great one. They often come with little or no warning, and can slip by if you aren’t looking out for them. I’m always trying to come up with the next big thing, or ways to improve my business and exceed expectations. This was one of those times when I was ready for it.

I talk a lot about effective management, an open door policy, listening to your audience and using customer feedback. In fact, I have made a career out of it. Yet I was brought up short by none other than a car wash attendant and it surprised me immensely.


Naples Carwash Tips and Tricks

If you don’t have the time to take your car to a local Naples carwash, you can do it almost as effectively at home. If you don’t like automatic car washes, you might do this already. While there is nothing like a professional car wash, doing it yourself does add an element of satisfaction at a job well done.


Naples Car Cleaning: Removing Light Scratches

There is nothing worse than parking in a public car park and returning to find a scratch down the side of your car. Or returning from grocery shopping to find a lovely scratch from a shopping cart or a careless shopper. We hate it too, which is why today’s Naples car cleaning tip is about removing light scratches and returning your bodywork to new.


Myths of Owning a Car Wash in Fort Myers, FL


We didn’t get into this business by accident, we chose to open a car wash. Fort Myers, FL was home, so we decided to stay local and open it there.


Dos and Don’ts of a Car Wash, Bonita Springs Local Knowledge

Washing your car is easy, we do it every weekend. You splash some water over it, fill a pail with dishwashing detergent and give it a wipe over before hosing it down and leaving it to dry. That’s it right?


How to Achieve the Perfect Naples Car Wash

For some people in Naples, car wash means a wasted afternoon getting dirty and wet when they could be doing something more interesting. For others, it’s a great way to spend an hour in the outdoors while looking after their property.


A Fort Myers Carwash is Better With a Pressure Washer

We don’t just wash cars you know. Our Fort Myers carwash does SUVs, RVs, boats, bikes and trucks too. The fact that we have some top of the line pressure washers allows us to take on a multitude of cleaning tasks. They not only make cleaning cars much easier, they can clean almost anything.


Fort Myers Car Cleaning Tips

Want to wash your car like a pro? Want a detailed car without the hours on your knees with a wet cloth and a toothbrush? Read on. Today’s Fort Myers car cleaning tip is about getting that professional finish without the professional effort.