Green Car Wash Fort Myers Style

We are becoming more and more aware of the effect we have on the world around us and are changing our habits to lessen that impact. We are many years’ behind the rest of the world, but are catching up fast. Water is one such commodity that we used to waste, now we are much more careful. So today, we’re going to discuss a green car wash, Fort Myers style.

Although, a caveat, it’s only Fort Myers style because that’s where we live and work, I’m not sure if there I such a thing, if there isn’t, there is now!

A clean car is a happy car. A regularly washed vehicle displays pride and self-worth, both things that should be encouraged at all times. Traditional car wash methods, such as automatic washes use a lot of resources, but there are ways to get the same result with much less expenditure.

Little and Often

We use the adage for cleaning the home, so why not our car too? Cleaning the house little and often means it takes less time, less effort and keeps everything clean and tidy. You can do the same for your car. If you clean it regularly, ideally, weekly, it doesn’t take much effort or resources.

Washing often means you use less detergents too. Professional car shampoos are most definitely the thing to use. They clean much more effectively than dish washing liquid and you need less of it. By washing regularly, you can reduce the amount of shampoo you use each time. While it may be used more frequently, you don’t need to use half as much.

Pressure washing is also a responsible way to clean your car. Even car wash lots that use pressure washes use less water than an automatic washer. They work just like a shower, where it may be on for longer, less water is used per minute than other washing methods.

Waterless Washing

No car wash in Fort Myers is going to advocate waterless car washing, but it is a viable alternative when we have drought conditions. Think of it as a Plan B. When there are water restrictions, waterless cleaning products can be used to keep your car clean until they are lifted.

Waterless car washing still needs an amount of water for the pre-wash, but in far less quantities than a traditional wash. These products are designed to perform the entire wash without water but incorporating a type of car shampoo that doesn’t need water to activate. A heavily soiled car, or one with bird droppings or mud will still need a pre-wash, but the rest can be taken care of by the shampoo.

The rest of the time, an efficient pressure washer is a relatively green option. Air is mixed with the water and dispensed at high pressure, so it doesn’t use as much of the precious commodity as you might imagine. That’s one of the reasons why the best car washes in Fort Myers uses them.